Daniela Abravanel grew up in Libya where, riding with her father in the North African desert and countryside, she developed a profound love for nature and animals. During these trips, amid the ruins of ancient civilizations, she witnessed the extraordinary spectacle of nomads and Bedouins who continued to live an archaic existence just a few kilometers from the large modern Libyan capital. These trips with her father encouraged her at an early age to deeply respect and love ancient traditions and nature’s unspoiled landscape. Due to the persecution of Jews in Libya, she and her family moved to Italy in 1967. In 1975, Daniela graduated with a degree in Philosophy in Milan and a master’s degree in Counseling and Family Therapy in California. Following her studies, she set off on a spiritual journey, traveling to remote lands and cultures where she longed to get in touch with the regenerating power of God and nature.

In the Yucatan, she met a Mayan shaman, a healer and clairvoyant who was more than one hundred years old. He became her teacher and was her spiritual guide for two years. He then advised her to leave Mexico and to continue her quest in order to learn “how to serve God,” an expression that only a few years later began to make sense to her.

Leaving Mexico, she traveled to Rishikesh, India, where she learned yoga, and then to Dharamsala in the Himalayas to study Buddhism. But in the Orient as well, her teachers encouraged her to keep on searching and to leave India in order to find her own spiritual roots.

Encouraged by Chabad rabbis, Daniela began studying the Torah, Chassidut and Kabbalah. She went to Israel, where she learned more about Jewish mysticism, studying with rabbis in Jerusalem and Safed. Sensing a need to fully integrate these teachings with the sacred landscape of Israel, she lived for extended periods in locales rich with Jewish historical significance (such as Ein Gedi, the Negev Desert, the Jordan River Valley, and Galilee), seeking thereby to better understand and appreciate the Holy Scriptures and the history of her ancestors.

Today, Daniela Abravanel teaches courses and holds workshops in which she presents healing strategies based on traditional Jewish holistic medicine. She has elaborated a therapeutic method based on the Kabbalistic system of the Four Worlds, according to which health is restored through the healing of the four dimensions of body, emotions, mind, and spirit. In her workshops, based on the medical theories of Maimonides and traditional Essenic-Judaic teachings, Daniela Abravanel teaches various meditation techniques, including breathing, movement, dance, psalm chanting, and the study of the sacred Hebrew letters, in order to transmit to her students a self-healing system deeply linked to Jewish tradition.

In addition, she holds lessons on the Bible and Hebrew philosophy for everyone who wants to study the Torah in depth, and helps those who want to learn how to recite, with chanting and song and a mystical understand of the letters, the key Hebrew prayers in the marvelous sacred language.

Daniel Abravanel presently lives in Italy, where she organizes trips to ancient Jewish sites, Italy being the oldest Diaspora of the Western world. Participants explore the archeological, historical, spiritual roots of the Jewish communities who lived in Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, and Syracuse. In addition, these trips are designed to be journeys of healing and self-discovery, set against the backdrop of the beauty of Italy.

For several years, Daniela Abravanel has also been promoting trips to Israel, in order to help the participants integrate traditional Jewish teachings into their daily lives. She holds these seminars in her second home, in the Galilee overlooking Lake Kinneret. Thanks to her personal relationships with many of Israel’s great rabbis, Kabbalists, and highly skilled therapists, Mrs. Abravanel is able to arrange encounters for people who want to embark upon a path of healing and self-awareness and receive spiritual counsel or therapeutic sessions with the masters of the Holy Land.

For Daniela, the journey to the Promised Land and meeting with its masters has a redemptive significance, both for the individual and for the whole world. Just as for millennia, true mystics of every tradition traveled to Jerusalem, not as a place to conquer and possess, Daniela encourages this journey to this sacred landscape, not as a place to conquer and possess, but to discover within oneself, the true Axis Mundi, the center of the world. Her goal is for others to be inspired and to achieve the spiritual awareness to realize their potential and to fulfill the spiritual mission that is the goal of life.