The Dawn of the Sixth Sun
The Path of Quetzalcoatl

Title: 2012-2021 The Dawn of the 6th Sun
Author: Sergio Magaña (Ocelocoyotl)
US ISBN: 978-88-96865-06-4 
UK ISBN: 978-88-97951-00-1 
Pages: 176 b/w + 4 full color
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UK: £ 12,00

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Is the world coming to an end in 2012? According to the Mexica calendar, which is less known than the Mayan calendar, but dates back to the same period, this is actually not the case. The calendar carries on for another 13,250 years, and describes some cycles of time bigger than the ones mentioned in the Mayan version. These cycles are based upon the revolution of our Sun around the Pleiades, and are formed by smaller cycles called “the Suns”, each lasting 6,625 years. During the transition from one sun to the other, i.e.: from one cosmic configuration to another, the influence of both suns is equally present for a short while, as is the case when the seasons change. Although the dawn of the “Monkey Sun” started in 1991, the previous sun shall maintain its prevalence until the 21st December 2012, when the two energies shall be in perfect balance. Subsequently, the old sun will lose its strength, and from 2021 its successor shall reign unaided for a thousand years. If up until now man has attempted to impose his domination over nature, under the new sun he will have to comply with her and this shall lead to great transformations affecting both the individual and the collective consciousness. The instructions on how to withstand the changes are issued now, at the precise time stipulated by the Mexica prophecy, by the custodians of an uninterrupted oral lineage which opens itself to the world here in written form for the very first time. This book contains several breathing exercises taken from the Mexica oral tradition, some of which are designed to provide relatively easy access to some altered states of consciousness.

Praise for 2012-2021 The Dawn of the Sixth Sun - The Path of Quetzalcoatl:

"Speaking from the Nahuatl tradition, Sergio Magana has been entrusted with the sacred task of revealing once-secret knowledge on the transformation of the Earth and humanity, both collectively and individually, as the Age of the Sixth Sun unfolds. This book is an instruction manual for anyone who wants to awaken from the dream-like trance of ordinary reality and attain a truly lucid state." ~ Daniel Pinchbeck Executive Director of Evolver.net and author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl

"The new Castenada" by Re Nudo Magazine
“There can no longer be the shadow of a doubt: we have entered a period of rapid and deep-seated worldwide transformation. It is entirely remarkable that the timing of this epochal process has been foretold by the pre-Colombian people of Mesoamerica. And it is even more remarkable that they have foreseen the release of the wisdom we need to master this transformation precisely now, when it is actually taking place. And most remarkable of all, this wisdom includes concrete practical instructions on how to master our body and our mind to cope with the challenge that awaits us. Because in the final count it is us, each one of us, who needs to become the change we must accomplish in our world—not by becoming a mastermind who manipulates the external world but one who masters the inner world of his or her own consciousness. Sergio Magana, the inheritor of this wisdom and now its spokesman, shares this unique, and uniquely precious knowledge with us. We can be grateful that he can do so today, and that he lives up to his historical mission. His writing deserves to become a pillar of the new-paradigm wisdom we need as we enter the critical years that mark the 'Dawn of the Sixth Sun' from the present year 2012 to the new horizon, the year 2021.”
~ Ervin Laszlo, Nobel Prize Nominee, author and founder/president of the Club of Budapest.

“2012 – 2021, The Dawn of the Sixth Sun - The Path of Quetzalcoatl” shows us that the knowledge and tradition of the pre-Colombian people of Mesoamerica, creators of the Mayan and Aztec calendars, has not been lost. They speak to us now at this critical time in history and generously give us practices and insight based on their understanding of cosmic mathematics. The ancient knowledge that Sergio Magana shares in this book teaches us how to realign ourselves with the universe so that we can play our true role as conduits for the transition from one era of human consciousness to the next.” ~ Dr. Marilyn Schlitz, Global Ambassador and Senior Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences

This is not a book to read. This is a book to study. Take it seriously! Sergio is not alone in saying these things, although the language may be unfamiliar. In essence he says, 'Clean up your act now--don't delay!' Other traditions have been saying this in a much more muted way--i.e. Buddhist teachers etc. I am looking forward to trying the exercises." ~ Gay Luce, Founder of NineGates Mystery School

Sergio Magana Ocelocoyotl did a brilliant job in demystifying the Toltec-Mexica calendar. He gives us a vision of hope and inspires us to do the inner spiritual work needed to lead us to a beautiful transformation. 2112-2021 The Dawn of the Sixth Sun is filled with practices to help uslearn how to thrive and not just survive. Sandra Ingerman, author of "Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide" and "How to Thrive in Changing Times"

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Sergio Magaña at Gateways of the Mind in November 2012, London: More infos hereBuy tickets here

Join Sergio in Barcelona on December 21, 2012 at ANCESTRAL ROOTS OF THE DAWN OF THE NEW SUN
With seven indigenous cultures that have a deep relationship to the Cosmos -- Celtic, Toltec, Yoruba (Africa/Cuba), Hindu, Sami (Iceland), Incas and Tibetans
21 hours of celebration, meditation, sharing of ancient knowledge and ceremonies to celebrate the shift from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun

The representatives of the most important traditions and ancient cultures of the planet will meet with scientists, academics, economists, philosophers and representatives of new evolutionary disciplines, to co-create a circle of knowledge and wisdom, building bridges between past and present, for plan together a future of unity in diversity. We celebrate the beginning of a new phase of our evolution, beyond the different modes of expression, we can express a common essence as a human family, knowing that we are one. Unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation, to the awakening and activation of a new luminous consciousness. Please visit the website for additional information: Solsticio Solar 2012 (Spanish)


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2012-2021 The Dawn of the Sixth Sun - The Path of Quetzalcoatl.

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