Dermoreflexology - How To Talk With Our Unconscious Through Our Skin by Samantha Fumagalli and Flavio Gandini

At the beginning of the 20th Century, Giuseppe Calligaris, a brilliant Italian doctor and scientist, made an extraordinary discovery: the skin of the entire human body is mapped with little areas, or dots (which he called “patches”) through which one specific area of the unconscious mind could be stimulated, for either therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. Fifty years after his death, two researchers have verified and updated his research study, and have combined it with the recent findings from the world of psychology, thus giving birth to a new subject: dermoreflexology.

The body has its own memory, which is more deeply rooted than the mind’s, and through this accurate handbook we are now given the key on how to access it. Simply by pressing or stimulating one specific area of the skin, we can learn how to recall specific episodes that we were not even aware we had experienced. We can stimulate or enhance qualities, such as patience or creativity. We can remember inspiring dreams, or even make our unconscious speak to us through new dreams...

This is a new approach to come to know our inner self and make good use of it, and it is literally... within our reach.